Professional Affairs Healthcare Advisory Committee


American Specialty Health (ASH) has implemented a Professional Affairs Healthcare Advisory Committee (PAHAC) that will include volunteer representatives from Professional Societies and practicing practitioners. ASH has invited national and state professional associations as well as other professional societies to be considered for participation on the PAHAC. ASH wishes to solicit and facilitate comment and input from such practitioners, associations and societies and will consider such input when developing policy and clinical guidelines. The PAHAC will be the vehicle for societies to voice input for consideration.

The PAHAC is implemented in addition to the currently active ASH committees (Quality Oversight Committee, Quality Improvement Committee, Practice Review Committee, Administrative Review Committee, Executive Review Committee, and Termination Hearing Panel) that already include practicing practitioners as regular standing members.

In addition to regularly scheduled PAHAC meetings, the members will be invited observers and will be allowed to present professional opinion as a part of the ASH Evidence Evaluation Committee process.

Meeting Action Logs & Minutes

Send a comment or suggestion to the Professional Affairs Healthcare Advisory Committee using the online form.

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