Provider FAQ

How can ASH help expand my patient base?

Will ASH expand in my area?

Will ASH limit the number of participating providers in any area?

Are there fees to join ASH?

What is covered under your services agreement and Operations Manual?

Does a member need a medical referral before coming to see me?

Does ASH contract with health plans for Workers’ Compensation or Auto Med Pay plans?

How does the Clinical Performance System work?

Why should I use ASH standardized forms?

Where can I find information about the criteria required for billing claims?

Does ASH have specific Clearinghouses that are already set up to send claims electronically?

How are fee schedules developed, and how often do they change?

Does ASH credential practitioners and how long is the process?

Can ASH use my current CAQH information?

How do I check the status of my application?

Will I need to be recredentialed?

How do I join ASH?

How do I learn more about ASH's Medical Necessity Review process?

How do I learn more about ASH's Clinical Practice Guidelines?

Does ASH have an online support portal?

Can I receive payment through Direct Deposit?

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