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Healthyroads ® is one of the nation‘s largest wellness and prevention programs, serving over 132 health plan clients and covering more than 5 million members. We offer a comprehensive, fully integrated platform composed of various prevention and wellness services that may be combined to meet the needs of a health plan, their plan sponsors, and their members.

The following Healthyroads programs can be offered alone or combined to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated prevention and wellness platform:

Consumer Engagement Promotion provides award-winning, consumer-centric worksite promotion pieces—including more than 1,000 posters, fliers, e-cards, table tents, payroll stuffers, newsletter articles, and CEO letters. These materials are designed to promote the wellness program, to maximize employee utilization and engagement, and to create a culture of health at the worksite. Promotional pieces are created by Healthyroads’ in-house creative agency, Engage! Creative Group , which has been recognized for its outstanding communications with hundreds of awards from many leading marketing and health care organizations.

Healthyroads Program Solutions supports health plans and employer groups with developing wellness strategies and successfully implementing and maintaining wellness programs. The program managers also assist with implementing and developing a wellness and communications strategy.

Healthyroads Online Wellness Portal provides members with a comprehensive, interactive, and integrated prevention and wellness website . Components include:

  • Personal health assessment (or HRA)
  • Personal Scorecard
  • Managed blogs
  • Daily wellness tips via email
  • Stress-less MP3 downloads
  • Cardio and strength exercise planners
  • Meal/nutrition planner
  • Over 40 fitness and wellness trackers
  • Wellness library
  • E-coaching courses and certifications of completion
  • Fitness club discount affinity program
  • Personal health record (buy-up)
  • Smartphone-enhanced version

Healthyroads Employer-Promoted Challenges and Online Competitions motivate members to participate in health challenges that range from physical activity to stress management. Healthyroads also allows members to create customized competitions using the trackers on the Healthyroads Online Wellness Portal. These online competitions can be set up between individuals or teams of employees, and can measure anything from number of steps walked in a month to healthy weight loss.

Healthyroads Health Coaching Programs provide members with ongoing support and coaching to make positive changes in their health. Coaching options include the following:

  • Telephone-Based Lifestyle and Condition Coaching provides adults with one-on-one coaching for weight management, stress management, preventive health, tobacco cessation, healthy living, back pain, diabetes, metabolic syndrome/pre-diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Lifestyle coaching includes telephonic coaching, educational resources, and an optional Milestone Kit. Healthyroads also offers eXtremeFUN ® , a unique child- or teen-focused lifestyle coaching program that focuses on supporting both parents and children. Healthyroads also offers a lifestyle coaching program for seniors that focuses on supporting the unique health improvement and healthy lifestyle needs of older adults.
  • Worksite Lifestyle Coaching provides adults with one-on-one coaching at the worksite. The program is offered nationally and is provided in coordination with the telephone-based Healthyroads Health Coaching Program.

Healthyroads Participation- and Outcomes-Based Incentives rewards members for engagement in designated and predetermined wellness initiatives. Incentive program capabilities include:

  • Customized Incentives Solutions provide an incentives plan design that can be participation-based, outcomes-based, or both. Points tracker, points display, and a description of the incentive program and requirements are provided to members on Full reporting is provided to the health plan and/or plan sponsor for fulfillment of incentives.
  • Incentives Fulfillment can provide incentive fulfillment using reward cards or checks. This is an ASO arrangement and the health plan or employer group is responsible for funding the cost of the Healthyroads incentive as well as the administrative fee.

Learn more about incentives here  (PDF).

Healthyroads Connected! ® promotes physical activity all year round through the use of a Pebble™, a wireless accelerometer or activity monitor. Because the program uses objective, verifiable data (not self-reported information), the accelerometer can track steps toward a year-long incentive program, enhance one-on-one or team-based competitions, and/or support many company-wide health challenges on (Pebble is a trademark of FitLinxx, Inc. and used with permission herein.)

Biometric Screenings can be arranged through individual screenings at the worksite, additional options for remote employees, and the use of health care provider-reported screening forms. Healthyroads’ vendors can provide fingerstick or venipuncture biometric screenings that include:

  • Tests: total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL), low-density lipoprotein (LDL), triglycerides, coronary risk ratio, glucose measurement, blood pressure, height, weight, and BMI
  • Individualized results reporting
  • Aggregate results reporting to the employer
  • Data integration with the Healthyroads personal health assessment, participant outreach campaign, and electronic coaching record.

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