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You’re right, there’s more traffic on the 15 headed to San Diego

Aaron Claverie from The Press-Enterprise reviews North San Diego County Traffic congestion. ASH's new IT location in Temecula is pleased to be part of the solution.

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Major Acupuncture Managed Care Plan Reports Positive “Triple Aim” Outcomes

John Weeks, Publisher/Editor of The Integrator Blog News and Reports, reviews the latest findings of the ASH Acupuncture Member Satisfaction Survey. Read the article:

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National Health Survey Finds Acupuncture Patients Have High Rates of Satisfaction Exceeding National Averages

The ASA agrees: "We believe these high satisfaction rates will be similar for all well-trained acupuncturists," according to Dr. David, Miller, M.D., President. Learn more about what the results of the retrospective study released by ASH could mean for patients in chronic pain and the practice of acupuncture across the nation.

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